1-206-317-1744 Phone Number

Phone number 1-206-317-1744 can be found in Area code 206. 206 numbers are generally can be found in Washington, but there are exceptions. 1-206-317-1744 has exchange area code 206-317, which is used to trace more precise location for the number. Do note that the location is still an approximation. More accurate details you can find in a report. Cell phone numbers in general are more difficult to locate because the prefix code only identifies mobile network rather than a physical switch as it is the case for landline numbers.

1-206-317-1744 - Submitted Entries

The reports for 1-206-317-1744 were submitted by our visitors

Report by madame boo - 2020-09-18
Called, rang, and then they hung up.

Report by Miss FK - 2020-08-23
Got 7 calls today . . . all different times of day and night. First, the person called himself a nurse. Then he referred me to what sounded like an adult chat service and then he said to call 888-203-8228. Called that number and spoke to a lady with broken English. She asked for my phone number which was in no way correct. I gave them my name which they had correct but that was the last they would get. They called back three times and just hung up. This time they did not call back, but I have a feeling I will receive another 2-3 calls from this number. This time I went ahead and filed a complaint with www.ftc.com and also with my local telephone company

Report by Bibian Michelle Callis - 2020-03-05
These calls are from some Nigerian prince looking for his 8m diamond

Report by jjmmfeddup - 2020-03-04
called back and a recording came on saying not in service

Report by Bobby lips - 2019-11-18
They left a message saying I needed to call "the party in charge of my

Report by NCLady - 2019-11-16
They called my mobile. Left no message.

Report by Vegas LowY - 2019-05-31
The # is supposedly linked to "cindy mills". I talked to her and she sounded just like cindy mills. She stated that i owed money and i needed to be served with papers to pay the debt. I have no debts, so i told them to mail the documents to me, when i finally got tired of it, i asked her for an address, then she stated that they do not have it? i then told her, i am sorry but i do not want them to send me anything, my last payment was yesterday, and they have yet to recieve payment, she tried to tell me that i would never receive anything at all? if they could not send me anything, then they cannot send my payments. i called my attorney and they said please do not send them any money, only your attorney can act for you, if they cannot show that you have money to pay them, then i did not owe them anything and i told her to stop calling here, and she said that it will not stop her, she is not allowed to call my work, now they have all my information from when they said they started calling asking for money, and they will never stop calling unless they can show that i owe them something. she is really pissed off at her company, i never told her my credit card numbers, and i did not even give her my banking information or anything, i was really scared, now i know that i would never get this loan for $250, $400 at that rate. she stated that she does not need my money now, i told her, then go ahead and sue me for harassing you, she said that they will take me to court, i said that i would pay $25,000 but she got upset and said "i will take you to court, now i have to listen to all your crap, i will never listen to it". i then called my bank and she told me to report them to the attorney general. They have my social security number, my bank account information and my name, but i have yet to get a phone call from them. i am truly worried about this company as they will not send me anything. i will post again if i get an answer soon. I wish we could all start a class action suit against them and their company.

Report by Cynthia Jesion - 2018-09-13
I just got a voicemail from "Linda" about 1.5 hours ago - same message - not calling back, but I've never had an account with Qwest.

Report by zdubbraw - 2018-01-27
No message

Report by DBDNF - 2017-05-12
This call came across my cell # and I didn't answer it. I was left a

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