1-213-814-2479 Phone Number

Phone number 1-213-814-2479 can be found in Area code 213. 213 numbers are generally can be found in California, but there are exceptions. 1-213-814-2479 has exchange area code 213-814, which is used to trace more precise location for the number. Do note that the location is still an approximation. More accurate details you can find in a report. Cell phone numbers in general are more difficult to locate because the prefix code only identifies mobile network rather than a physical switch as it is the case for landline numbers.

1-213-814-2479 - Submitted Entries

The reports for 1-213-814-2479 were submitted by our visitors

Report by Takeaction18 - 2019-12-17
Got this call from "Mike Davis." Same [***] . I'm sure he's a bill collector. "Mike Davis" is such a [***] . So sick of these calls. If it is my husband, why is he making this? That's none of my business. I'm retired and haven't had a job since 1986. I'm on welfare right now and I'm sooo angry. I've already had some of my anger directed at these [***]. And yet, there are more calls. It's a shame, really. I know it is someone in need of a job. And when you get a lot of calls to the point of harassment, then you know it is someone trying to scam other people. Please don't call my number again."

Report by Forshey Girl - 2019-09-16
Spam call regarding auto warranty.

Report by Carrynbackooo - 2019-06-30
These are robo calls from a company who is not located in my state, and it says to press 2 to opt out of these calls. However when you do press 2 you have just confirmed that they are legit. I got two calls in the past week from them; the first one was on my cell; the second on my house phone.

Report by klaatu - 2019-06-12
Robocall about tax issues, same robo-voice message from several different numbers

Report by Rich Clark - 2018-02-05
This is a scam.

Report by mlc52 - 2017-12-31
Got a call from this number, but didn't answer. They left no message. Came to this site to see if it was a robocall/scammer (it likely is). Now I've blocked this number.

Report by dwoke people - 2017-09-21
Caller keeps asking for another person I work with. They won't stop calling.

Report by ljffv - 2017-07-27
They are calling and hanging up when you answer

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