1-307-274-9132 Phone Number

Phone number 1-307-274-9132 can be found in Area code 307. 307 numbers are generally can be found in Wyoming, but there are exceptions. 1-307-274-9132 has exchange area code 307-274, which is used to trace more precise location for the number. Do note that the location is still an approximation. More accurate details you can find in a report. Cell phone numbers in general are more difficult to locate because the prefix code only identifies mobile network rather than a physical switch as it is the case for landline numbers.

1-307-274-9132 - Submitted Entries

The reports for 1-307-274-9132 were submitted by our visitors

Report by TeaStaff - 2020-06-29
Caller said he was my doctor from my health insurance, and then asked if he could schedule my annual checkups, if the insurance covered by my insurance is covered by my insurance. He had a very heavy foreign accent. I did not know a foreign accent could be done in this manner. I asked if it was a legitimate call, and he did hang up.

Report by Tiredofthisshttr - 2019-09-16
Said they're with the Department of Legal Affairs and they are calling about an enforcement action. Asked why I didn't get anything in the mail. Hung up when I told them to send me something in the mail.

Report by Gorgy Ivana - 2019-04-03
I get a call from this toll free number all the time, it shows "unknown" on the ID caller. I don't answer my phone anymore, and this bothers me. I do have a small phone bill and it's very annoying to be harrassed by these scam artist, I wish there is some way to stop these calls. I just started using the reverse look up feature of my cell phone service when I get the calls. The reverse phone number comes up and then shows in my caller ID if the number belongs to a person or business. It can be very annoying and they should have to make some effort to get the person doing this to quit doing what they do.

Report by S Kzynski - 2018-11-16
Keep getting a call from this number. Calls twice a day

Report by Mifer - 2018-09-17
Called cell and left no message, likely scammers. BLOCKED!

Report by Aita F. - 2017-08-26
I have received at most 4 calls a day from this number for the past few days. Finally one day, I was able to answer the phone and they asked for someone I don't even know. I asked for his number so that I could have his number removed from calling me, but he kept interrupting me and kept trying to get me to tell him my personal information. I refused even after he told me what company he worked for, and would not give me his "name or location," which was very fishy. He wouldn't leave me alone.

Report by A M Mackey - 2017-06-28
I had a phone call from them also. When I answered they asked for me with my old name. They told me that I had a credit card with bank of America but wouldn't tell me why they're calling my phone. She put me on hold a little while but said she didn't

Report by G.Gunnar - 2017-05-24
I am getting these calls too saying they are taking legal action against me. I called the number 855-423-0588 and they say this is a law office and will have their law team deliver papers to my home or place of employment. I have nothing in collections for the amount of money they say I owe... they can just mail the papers to my home. How can they take legal action against me if they have no proof. How can I stop them from calling my job?

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