1-310-492-7767 Phone Number

Phone number 1-310-492-7767 can be found in Area code 310. 310 numbers are generally can be found in California, but there are exceptions. 1-310-492-7767 has exchange area code 310-492, which is used to trace more precise location for the number. Do note that the location is still an approximation. More accurate details you can find in a report. Cell phone numbers in general are more difficult to locate because the prefix code only identifies mobile network rather than a physical switch as it is the case for landline numbers.

1-310-492-7767 - Submitted Entries

The reports for 1-310-492-7767 were submitted by our visitors

Report by George F Crawley IV - 2019-10-20
A woman who identified herself as Cynthia Jones left me a voice mail today, saying she was calling from United Bank, with whom I have an account. She left me another phone number 954-352-7200 x8161 which is the number for United Bank. They gave me information that would make me think they were legit, like my date of birth. As I tried to research the company, a bad website came up for it all. I do not know if it was in error or not, but I was concerned about fraud. When I went to the web site, the "contact" is blank!

Report by Deenaivan - 2019-08-23
Got a call from this number looking for my ex sister in law. He used her name. He knew where she lived but would not tell me what it was about. When I called 8552768978 they asked if I was this person, I said yes but when I told him this call is being recorded he was threatening me. It was a very unprofessional person. I hung up on him. I do not owe anyone anything

Report by EB West Coast - 2019-08-23
They called me telling me I was due in court that they were filing charges against me for wire fraud. Said it was a payday loan from 2005 and wanted $300 down and if I dont pay I was going to be served. Had my address, last four of ssn#....

Report by D89 Rideau - 2019-08-04
A gentleman named Jason told me he was from Numeris and that he would like to purchase a car we have listed for auction (we have an actual listing).I called number back and left a message letting them know that we were not interested and that we would remove the number from their list. They have yet to call back.

Report by G Dennehy - 2019-03-12
Called my cell and didn't leave a message

Report by Miscool - 2019-03-09
I kept getting calls from this man but wouldnt say anything when I asked who he was or why he was calling. Then I received a call form someone who was saying mike martinez name and wanted to leave a message. Then I received another phone call this morning from the same numbers saying Mike martinez voice.

Report by Ridicilous???? - 2018-10-14
Scam alert. The same number called my husbands cell, our land line from the same number, and my mom's cell with the same message about an attempt to serve us with a civil suit. They also called our place of employment with the same message. I called the number back and it rang and rang before a generic voicemail box for the "dept of law and investigation" answer the call with a name which is not one of the names they told us to call them.

Report by Yiaobhan - 2018-10-01
They are trying to get you to call a number. Never give ur finger to scammers or scumbags.

Report by T Monser - 2018-04-10
Did not leave VM.

Report by Tired of the tricks of the trade - 2018-03-14
Has called me 9 times already in the last 4 hours. I have it blocked but my voice mail still shows who it is. Today is the first time I answered. It was a person that said it was "Carmen with Cardholder Services

Report by Lomlundy - 2018-02-09
No messages

Report by W.E. Allin - 2017-07-26
I've been getting calls from this number. I call back and it's just a beep. I'm afraid it's a scam. I've started answering just to see who it is!

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