1-323-419-0147 Phone Number

Phone number 1-323-419-0147 can be found in Area code 323. 323 numbers are generally can be found in California, but there are exceptions. 1-323-419-0147 has exchange area code 323-419, which is used to trace more precise location for the number. Do note that the location is still an approximation. More accurate details you can find in a report. Cell phone numbers in general are more difficult to locate because the prefix code only identifies mobile network rather than a physical switch as it is the case for landline numbers.

1-323-419-0147 - Submitted Entries

The reports for 1-323-419-0147 were submitted by our visitors

Report by P: ars - 2020-01-08
Called family, including one sister-in-law, in an attempt to locate me. The woman's voice mail was full of the sounds of some sort of phone call center. No business name

Report by Tina soriano - 2019-06-09
"Hi, this is Josh from "Employee Support Center", "You are paid to help us get our Company's name on all of the papers we send out, so we are trying to help you get..."

Report by Calsook - 2019-05-02
It is a scam - no message about a package.

Report by Eodon - 2018-12-16
Called my DNC registered landline. No voicemail.

Report by Past Therapy Client - 2018-02-11
Just called and didn't leave a message.

Report by a.orralegghesete - 2017-10-28
Received a call on my work phone with a recorded message. Says I have fraudulent activity on my SS # and I should call 855-214-5454 stating she is Sarah from the fraud department..... I don't trust a real person that's speaking English or with a computer... Scam! Blocked number.

Report by S. D. Caulder - 2017-10-08
Received a message on 7/13/18 stating they were looking to reach me to deliver documents. I called my local court house but was unable to locate any records matching either my name or my home address for me, nor can I find any case numbers on line for either case. Very strange.

Report by J Armstrong - 2017-05-09
Got a text message from this number wanting to know what my phone number was. When I called the number I got the "call is very important to us and we will call you again shortly" message. I have been reading a lot of your comments and I do have some new information for them.First and most important: If you want to be a jerk on the internet, don't do it in an angry voice because it's likely that there's a reason for it.Second, and perhaps more important, I would never call this number as my cell phone is a land line and the only reason I know that it's an 800 number, besides being a former attorney general of a large city, is because of the phone company. (I was one of the original programmers and programmers for the Do Not Call List.) Third, I would never do anything else with my home number that calls someone at this number, other than report it or ask to be a jerk on the internet. That's how I treat my cell. That's all.

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