1-351-903-6283 Phone Number

Phone number 1-351-903-6283 can be found in Area code 351. 351 numbers are generally can be found in Massachusetts, but there are exceptions. 1-351-903-6283 has exchange area code 351-903, which is used to trace more precise location for the number. Do note that the location is still an approximation. More accurate details you can find in a report. Cell phone numbers in general are more difficult to locate because the prefix code only identifies mobile network rather than a physical switch as it is the case for landline numbers.

1-351-903-6283 - Submitted Entries

The reports for 1-351-903-6283 were submitted by our visitors

Report by StarSoloer - 2019-06-15
Got a call in a foreign accent and not even my name. Said her name was Jennifer from "United Commercial Divisions" and that I needed to call the number given in the voice mail that appeared on my phone. When I called, they didn't want to tell me who they were or why they were calling unless I verified my DOB and SSN. Yeah, duh. I just happen to know it's a scam because I work in the fraud dept for a major bank. Don't give them any of your personal info. I also asked why they were calling and they said they are a collection agency and needed to confirm my DOB and SSN. I said what's your business in my name? "There's no need to be concealing your identity." I said I know it's a scam cause I'm not paying anything to anyone! Then he hung up on me. BEWARE!

Report by Tired of these CALLING CARDIACS - 2019-06-14
I received about 6 calls just today. I did not answer. Just looked this number up. Came here to see who it was from. Thanks everyone so far. I am glad I did not answer!

Report by License Plate Generator - 2018-09-20
Called, rang 3 times then hung up!

Report by Bryan typhawka - 2018-09-18
I just got a call from the 707 number. He said his name was John Johnson, with Legal Mediation Services. He also has a very thick indian accent. He said he is going to file papers at the court house for some payday loan of $300 and that I would need to call the person at 855-217-0686 or be ready to be served.I never took out a payday loan since 2006, but he told me that he had documents to make sure I received them. He also said that I would need to sign papers and I did not need to make a decision now until I read them. So I told him if this was legit then he could tell me the name of his company or the man I spoke to. He did not know my address and wanted to know when he was able to serve me. He said it was on Tuesday, and that they would make two attempts at my place. I told him to call back if I was able to accommodate it and let him know the person to whom they were attempting to contact. This was on Friday. It was also stated that he was trying to help me make decisions now.So then I called the 855/217-0686 back today and spoke to "Michael Moore" with the legal mediation and asked him if this was the company he worked for and he stated it was legal mediation. He stated he would not be able to give any additional information.I asked how his company was able to say that I did not know the name of the person I was speaking with and that he would not make any further offers or recommendations to me. He told me he could give me additional "informative" information and I would need to have the person present for the "final mediation" and I could answer yes to whatever I was asked. I then told him to call back tomorrow and he said that he did not have that person on the phone right now and that if I called again that I would get a summons to appear in court for contempt.I called him back the next day and asked him why was he calling me and how did he get through as a blocked number. He said I should ask my lawyer because I didn't know who I was talking to. I told him I wanted to speak with my lawyer to find out what it was regarding for him. He said I owed them $1260.00 dollars. I then hung up and called the number back. I gave my debit card information. He said someone would be right back

Report by NNU - 2018-03-10
Just received a call on my phone from this number. The voicemail was a computer-generated voicemail claiming to be an attorney with a lawsuit against me. Clearly, I don't want a lawsuit against me.

Report by HALLELU JOHNSON - 2018-03-03
The number has called my business phone for about 2 weeks now. I don't answer so they leave no message.

Report by fred givens - 2018-02-12
Didn't answer. No message.

Report by GBWarrior - 2018-01-01
Robocall "Sarah" from "Card Services" offering to lower credit card interest rates.

Report by D. Loblaw - 2017-10-14
I picked up, they hung up. Not the first day this number called me. It's always blocked on my cell.

Report by Geoff Cox - 2017-06-24
Same story as everyone, but I think if we all did this or at least posted that it would go to the attention of the community and shut them up.

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