1-360-203-0427 Phone Number

Phone number 1-360-203-0427 can be found in Area code 360. 360 numbers are generally can be found in Washington, but there are exceptions. 1-360-203-0427 has exchange area code 360-203, which is used to trace more precise location for the number. Do note that the location is still an approximation. More accurate details you can find in a report. Cell phone numbers in general are more difficult to locate because the prefix code only identifies mobile network rather than a physical switch as it is the case for landline numbers.

1-360-203-0427 - Submitted Entries

The reports for 1-360-203-0427 were submitted by our visitors

Report by Bryan Bolkin - 2019-11-18
I received a letter in the mail regarding my federal student loans and repayment plan. I have never had a student loan. Just a scam.

Report by Lois Williams - 2019-05-03
The number is from the US Dept of Education's website! It is NOT a scam. I had forgotten to take down the number on my student loan account and when I realized I did not want to return a call since it turns out to be some sort of scam, I was unable to complete the call.I called the number back and the message that was left was in English and Spanish. It was about student loans and it stated to please hold for a rep. but no rep answered.I called the number again later during the day to see what they were calling about. The person answering the phone was calling himself "Alvin". I told him in both languages we are not interested and to please stop the telemarketing calls and I politely hung up.Thank goodness!

Report by T Garrison - 2019-04-25
I just got the same call. They also left a message saying they were going to file charges against me and it was going to my employment place. They can't even be professional to call your workplace

Report by Raul Little - 2018-11-29
Received a call from this number and gave me a badge id number and a 888 number to call back. First of all I never heard of this so called agency. If you call the 888 number first then they will tell you the agency is the IRS, however you can not call an 800 number because 800 numbers are not toll-free numbers. If this is really the IRS and you do owe them money then do not pay it they will pursue you to the hilt. DO NOT GIVE THESE PEOPLE MY INFORMATION!!! And when you call the 8884 number you cannot get through and tell the caller they are a scam. Do not fall for this crap. If they call you make sure their is a police officer available to take the paper work down. I am now calling the REAL IRS with the information and reporting to the police.

Report by jer1ey - 2018-02-12
I got a voice mail from this number today (8/6) stating they are trying to contact my ex-husband... which he has been divorced for over 10 years! Stating I need to respond or else a civil case will be filed against him on Tuesday May 5th. I know I have nothing in his name and have no idea what this call is about. When I called them back they said they would have to verify my address to serve papers and then would give me more information to give to my ex husband. I then asked for the contact information for my ex-husband to which they did not have. They said if they did, they would have the contact information right here on our caller ID, so I told them I wanted their name and company name. They gave me the name Westwood Mediation Service. When I asked for their address I was told it was a P.O. box. I then told them I wanted a letter in the mail and I would respond. I never got anything and I have no idea what this is about. I will be reporting them now to the BBB and the State Attorney General's Office so if you do you can go to the internet and find out if they are a scam. I also put a complaint out on Craig's list to no avail. Thanks for all of your comments. The last comment was to be more careful. I guess I won't be talking to these idiots anytime soon. It was on craigslist and now their going by the name Westwood Solutions. Hang tough!

Report by {'o - 2017-11-24
Scam for warranty - no company name for the original company that I purchased the car with.

Report by Werooy - 2017-10-18
No caller ID, but recorded voice said she called from Direct Energy and I had not returned the call.

Report by L.Sherm - 2017-08-27
No message

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