1-845-610-0010 Phone Number

Phone number 1-845-610-0010 can be found in Area code 845. 845 numbers are generally can be found in New York, but there are exceptions. 1-845-610-0010 has exchange area code 845-610, which is used to trace more precise location for the number. Do note that the location is still an approximation. More accurate details you can find in a report. Cell phone numbers in general are more difficult to locate because the prefix code only identifies mobile network rather than a physical switch as it is the case for landline numbers.

1-845-610-0010 - Submitted Entries

The reports for 1-845-610-0010 were submitted by our visitors

Report by FhjrJimmy - 2019-12-26
You have no idea what you have done. Please do not comment on what is not true, as you know nothing about this company.

Report by john c larson - 2018-11-15
Got a call from this number today and they used a caller ID showing "TOLL FREE" which in itself is annoying. When the answering machine picked up, they hung up. I suspect an autodialer.

Report by cajuty - 2018-10-24
I called back and spoke with a dude. I asked if they were a scam and he said, "uh, no...it's not a scam!" so good luck with that one

Report by Lorja Quinn - 2018-06-06
Called and claimed he was with the police department, asked who he was with and hung up.

Report by Gonna piss them off! - 2018-05-27
called around 6:30 this morning. no message left.

Report by Bastroid - 2017-11-03
Got a call from these guys. Claim to be Microsoft. A scam.

Report by CincinnatiMe - 2017-07-11
Same thing here, but I am a little puzzled. I got a text message asking me for the purchase history on my phone too.

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